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Richard rice memorial bursary:

past recipients

RRMB recip 2019 Lauren Wilkens.jpg

2018 Recipients

Christopher Robin

A 2018 graduate of Riverview High School, who will be attending Université de Moncton this September.

Chloe Somers

A 2018 graduate of Kennebecasis Valley High School, who will be attending Université Sainte Anne this September

Congratulations to the 2019 CPF NB RRMB - Laren Wilkins

Here is what Lauren had to say about the benefits of learning  French as a second language.....

From a young age, I have been privileged to be exposed to both official languages of my home province. I began French Immersion classes in first grade, and more than a decade later, my knowledge of this language and the work done by CPF NB have granted me innumerable opportunities.

The power of languages is one often underestimated, but I have seen the impact it can have through my experience volunteering in my community. I began volunteering at DancEast in 2013, working with kids from ages 4-12 including those with intellectual disabilities. During this time, I worked one on one with many young girls with a passion for dance, but little to no English vocabulary. Thanks to the knowledge my education in French has granted me, I was able to translate instructions for these young girls, and allow them to blossom. I also volunteered at the Moncton Hospital during the summer of 2016, working with patients in the geriatrics unit, delivering mail, fundraising, and giving directions. My skills in French allowed me to assist families during their time of need, when some of the other volunteers were trapped behind a language barrier. Those experiences have shaped my character in ways that would not have been possible without my learning in French.

Throughout middle school, I participated in the Concours D'Art Oratoire on three separate occasions, placing second in provincials in 2013 and 2015. This experience gave me the confidence to explore public speaking, and because of the organizational efforts made by the CPF NB, I now speak at meetings for CSC, I have won three provincial Spoken Word Poetry competitions and placed second in another, I was the Valedictorian of my eighth grade graduating class, and I am now student council President for Bernice MacNaughton High School. Though all those may seem unrelated, it is truly my base in the Concours D'Art Oratoire that allowed me to spread my wings in public speaking.

Last year, I attended Français Pour l'Avenir, and it was this event that inspired me to pursue my post-secondary education in my second language. I will be attending University of Ottawa in the fall to study Political Science, with the aspiration of studying Law after receiving my degree. I hope to return to my home province of New Brunswick to work as a lawyer on the side of the Crown. As a prosecutor, I intend to instil the same sense of mutual understanding in the victims I represent as I did to those I assisted at DancEast and at the Moncton Hospital, whether they speak French or English. Everyone who seeks help should feel confident in their ability to ask for it, and ability of those assisting them to fully comprehend their situation.

Without the assistance of CPF NB and community leaders, such as Mr. Richard Rice, not only would I not have the same opportunities, such as the Concours D'Art Oratoire and Français Pour L'Avenir, but I would not be the same person I am today. Learning French as a second language has ingrained in me a passion for public speaking and a desire to help others. It has opened me to possibilities for which I am more thankful than words can describe. It is truly an honour to apply for a bursary in the name of such an instrumental change-maker in my community. Thank you for reading my application and considering me as a serious candidate for this bursary.

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