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CPF has approximately 150 chapters across Canada. It’s an impressive feat that we are proud of, but it’s not enough to serve every community and every student who can and should have the chance to reap the benefits of a quality FSL education.

If you are a motivated individual who’s passionate about FSL and your community is not currently being served by a municipal, district, or county chapter of CPF, you may want to consider starting one!


Each of our many chapters began thanks to the devoted parents, teachers, grandparents, students, and other volunteers who took the initiative to bring CPF to their community. All of our chapters are entirely grassroots in nature: not-for-profit, volunteer-run institutions that work with the local schools, school board(s), city councils, provincial/territorial branches of CPF, and even provincial, territorial, and federal politicians—all in the name of FSL education.

To find out if a chapter is operating in your community, and to get involved by either joining your local chapter team or starting one yourself please send us a message:

The Benefits of Starting a Chapter

As a Chapter, you will…


  • Receive rebates of membership fees $16.25 from one year memberships, $39.00 for three year memberships.

  • Send two sponsored delegates to provincial board meetings and the provincial annual meeting.

  • With others, improve opportunities for children to learn French in school and outside the classroom.

  • Have access to any resource documents at the provincial office.

  • Receive at least one visit by a member of the provincial board upon request (an annual visit is recommended).

  • Have access to shared ideas for fundraising.

  • Have access to a large number of brochures and other resource materials concerning French second language (FSL) programs and experience people who will be able to give them advice and support in their efforts on behalf of French second language education upon request.

  • Have access to our numerous manuals to start day camps, parent classes, fun fairs, French Clubs, etc…

  • Gain credibility by belonging to a respected national/provincial organization.

  • Show the Federal and Provincial Governments that Canadians actively support French second-language in our schools.

Active in New Brunswick

Sussex Chapter

10 Church Ave

Sussex, NB

E4E 1Y7

(506) 432-6584


St. Stephen Chapter

12 Queen St East

St. Stephen, NB

E3L 2J1

(506) 466-6338

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